Tuesday, 30 September 2008

I'm back!!

Hi! I'm back from my honeymoon now, and plan on posting a few tutorials over the next week or so. I've got a few cards to do, so I just need to find the time! It was such a lovely holiday, I will have to post some photos.

My hubby is trying to get my new web cam working on my laptop - it works on his pc just fine, but it's no good if I can't get the camera to my card-making area. It just keeps crashing, but he's the computer genuis, so hopefully he will win and I can get some video tutorials up and running soon. I'm just glad I finally have a way of recording vids that doesn't involve using my time-consuming digicamera. That is assuming we can get the new one working!

Well bye for now, and I will post some cards soon, I promise!!

Thursday, 4 September 2008

I'm sorry - I've been very very slack and haven't posted for nearly a month!!!! But I have been busy....I got married!! And the build up to the event was simply making wedding stationary, which I didn't want to put on here in case it was bad luck or something :-)

Here's me and my new Husband on the big day:

It was such a wonderful day! Perfect in every way...and it's so nice being married, not just BF & GF anymore. So many people just don't bother getting married these days, saying "it's just a piece of paper, why should it matter" but it does - it is different being married. Nicer, and more secure somehow. I smile everytime I look at my wedding ring and think of Scott and what it means for us to be married. The only problem now is that everyone keeps asking when we aare having children, as if marriage=children automatically. I for one am not quite ready. I might be 27, but I've still got a lot of things to do before I want to be tied down with children. Maybe in a few years, if it is meant to happen for us, and I will love every minute of it when it does I'm sure. Just not yet!! :-)

I plan on putting pictures of the wedding stationary up on here, but when I get back from honeymoon, not just yet - still no time!

When I'm back it will also be time to start making Xmas cards (dear God, that time already!!) so I will be sharing a few test run designs then. I have loads of cards to make this Xmas - since the wedding, the Xmas card list has grown somewhat!!

The Happy Couple and all our Best Friends - love ya loads guys!! xxxx