Sunday, 31 March 2013

Wow! It has been some time…

What can I say? I’ve been away for quite some time. Pretty much completely incommunicado during that time, and I totally apologise for that. I really hope there’s still some of you guys left sticking around to read this – and for your dedication I thank and salute you!

I’ve had some pretty major changes in my life over the last 18 months. I was made redundant from my job in June 2011, then my marriage broke down soon after, and I ended up taking the difficult decision to move back in with my folks in October 2011, just feeling like my whole life had collapsed around me. These life changes totally blew my buzz for crafting – I just completely lost the inspiration to think up new designs and share them with you lovely folks. Life was on a big downer to be honest.

Anyhow, I put on a falsely brave face and put myself out there to get a job, and luckily, with a lot of hard work, I was accepted in a new position in November 2011. Life finally started back on the up!

And then later that year, I met up with an old friend who was also going through some similar tough patch, and we were a much-needed shoulder to cry on for each other during a very difficult time, and actually, ended up getting together as a couple shortly afterwards.

IMG_0270 Our relationship quickly went from strength to strength, and I knew this was the man I could finally trust my heart to <3

A couple of wonderful months went by, where I slowly began to get back the crafting bug, but then I became very ill. I was so sick, I was signed off work and put on drugs to help control my sickness.

Doctors quickly got to the route of my illness – morning sickness – I was pregnant with our miracle baby I never thought I could have!! Unfortunately, my sickness never really abated throughout the entire pregnancy, but on 27th December 2012, I went into labour and was safely delivered of our beautiful baby girl,  Hollie Joan, at 07:40 on 29th December, born a healthy 7lb 10oz, and with a lusty cry!

I can honestly say I have never felt so blessed in all my life, and all the late nights, early mornings and complete lack of sleep are all worth it. I love her to bits!

Hollie is now 3 months old. Life is still a huge learning curve – learning to be a mom, a step-mom and still trying to take some time out to remember to be me - is hard, but I wouldn’t swap it for the world! I’m hopefully getting to the stage with Hollie where she is getting into a loose routine, so I can hopefully begin to get back to my craft desk again soon, when she naps. Even better would be to do some more videos, which I am itching to do. I really feel like the crafting bug is finally coming back, hurrah!

But I’d just like to thank you all for your messages of support and your unstinting loyalty to me whilst I’ve not been on the craft scene. I really do appreciate it. Your comments and messages have cheered me up no end through some very tough times, and I thought you all deserved some sort of explanation as to where I’d been and what my plans for the future are.

Here’s my beautiful ginger princess and her happy mommy signing off for today…take care xx