Friday, 8 August 2008

Blokey birthday card

I had some fun with this one - I risked breaking my poor little Cuttlebug by die cutting metal!! I was very dubious about doing this, but I do like the effect I got in the end. very masculine!

I simply enjoyed a nice tasty can of Pepsi (crafting is thirsty work), then washed it out, cut the top and bottom off so I was left with a sheet of metal and flattened it to take the curve of the can out. I then cut out small squares and fed them through my 'Bug on the appropriate letter. After some faffing (I had to pack out the sandwich so it would cut all the way through the metal) I managed to get these letters cut. Although I have severely warped my cutting plate in the process, despite turning and flipping it constantly! Oh well, you can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs....

The accent is a Papermania stamp, stamped in white onto shrink plastic, and heated to size. This went from 50mm to about 25mm in diameter, so you really do need to use a large stamp to start with!

Happy Anniversary to my Folks!

My folks are an inspiration. They've been married for 35 years and still going strong. That is remarkable in this day and age, and gives me something to aspire to with my husband to be when we finally tie the knot next Friday!

I wanted this to be quite a modern card, but still traditional enough not to make light of the fact that they've been happily married for so long. So I've kept it fresh and simple, but used a very extravagant 'Happy Anniversary' script to posh it up.

The silver heart was hand-drawn and made with silver embossed clear shrink plastic. Note to self - emboss the shape AFTER shrinking, otherwise you end up with an ungodly mess of white hot dripping embossing liquid, which does hurt if it gets on your skin - I have the burn to prove it :-) oops!

The Happy Anniversary was traced onto the card, then black embossed using my glue pen for the powder to stick to. I wish I had such an ornate stamp, but I'm really poor at the moment, what with my naff job and my wedding next week, so I'm improvising!!!
The hole in the card feature was made with nestabilities dies. I did the same on the inside to hide the wire fixing to hold the heart in place.