Thursday, 28 May 2009

Thank you...!

I have been meaning to try out my woodgrain effect stamp for about a month, so I thought a design that incorporates woody colours would be perfect for its trial run!

I made the stamp using my Imagepac stamp kit. I have raved about it before and this is no exception. Would you believe I made this stamp from a photograph of an old bit of wood? Well it's true - I did! I played around with it in Photoshop for a while, but essentially, I got this design with very little effort at a fraction of the prices being charged for similar designs from the big stamp companies.

I like this card, because it is simple. It would be fairly easy to replicate for several thank you  cards, by making them in a conveyor belt fashion. Especially if you had the oval and oval scalloped nestibilities...which I don't (but would love) so I've had to make to with hand cutting the scallops with my scalloped edging scissors and cutting the oval out using the centre bit that you would normally discard from an oval 'bookplate' die from Sizzix. This worked for me.

And of course, the obligatory white gel pen 

doodling....I'm really digging this effect at the moment, so expect more of a similar vein!

Anyhoo, here's the video, hope you enjoy it, as usual, please nip over to YouTube to rate & subscribe. Click on the HQ button in the bottom right hand corner for a better quality video - it's definitely worth the wait ;0)

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Sending a hug your way...

This card was made for a friend who has just lost his mom. I always feel sympathy cards should be simple and not too invasive - you are after all, expressing your sympathy over someones loss, not 'showcasing' your work on their mantelpiece!

So for this card I kept it super simple and just said what needed saying. I've handwritten the sentiment, having no 'sympathy' stamps to work with, but it's the same 
sort of effect.

I've done a quick video tutorial for those of you who're interested in watching me struggle with the ribbon - it's in real time as this was such a quick card.

Don't forget to click on the HQ button in the corner of the video for a better quality picture. 

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