Saturday, 28 February 2009

Video Tutorial for Flowery Flourish

This is just a quick update to this recent blog post...I've since done a video tutorial which I have embedded below.

Hope you enjoy it!

Friday, 27 February 2009

Best wishes flower card tutorial

Hi - I've finally got my video set up all up and running! It's been a nightmare to do - how to get a camera balanced over your desk on something was a bit of designing and a trip down B&Q then a crash course in woodwork and now I have something that doesn't look so great, but it works like a dream :-)

And for my first project, I made you all this tutorial...

...please note the change in YouTube username to 'whimsicalwendy' as I decided that as my name had changed anyway because of getting married last year, I would take this opportunity to streamline my blog and YouTube to have them with similar ID names. Feel free to subscribe to my videos, I intend on doing many more and your support would be very helpful ;-)

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Flowery Flourish - enjoy!

Well I'm snowed in today! I'm supposed to be in Nottingham for a two day meeting, but I only got 2 miles down the road and I had to turn back! So, I'm at a loose end, so I thought I'd catch up on a few blog posts....oh, and some great news - my new flip camcorder has arrived today so bring on some videos ;-)

I wanted to create a simple but elegant card for my wonderful & beautiful mom for her birthday. And I love the combination of the pink and kraft coloured cardstock, so I was well away! I used a stack of colorbox inks so it all toned in together.

In fact, I love this card so much that I made another for my best friend, Nia, who also loved it. We had a fun evening playing on her new Wii and generally being silly...

Edited to add: Here's the video tutorial to go with this post...

Happy Birthday Husband!

Well for my husband's first birthday as a married man, I wanted to do something a little special and branch out using some patterned paper...and some leather!
The strip of leather was literally something I re-used off a clothing tag - it was double thickness so I pealed it in half and then had a nice thinner piece, that was pre-sticky ready for sticking to the card.

I wasn't sure about the flower, but I couldn't think of anything else to finish it off. He loved it anyway!