Friday, 8 August 2008

Blokey birthday card

I had some fun with this one - I risked breaking my poor little Cuttlebug by die cutting metal!! I was very dubious about doing this, but I do like the effect I got in the end. very masculine!

I simply enjoyed a nice tasty can of Pepsi (crafting is thirsty work), then washed it out, cut the top and bottom off so I was left with a sheet of metal and flattened it to take the curve of the can out. I then cut out small squares and fed them through my 'Bug on the appropriate letter. After some faffing (I had to pack out the sandwich so it would cut all the way through the metal) I managed to get these letters cut. Although I have severely warped my cutting plate in the process, despite turning and flipping it constantly! Oh well, you can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs....

The accent is a Papermania stamp, stamped in white onto shrink plastic, and heated to size. This went from 50mm to about 25mm in diameter, so you really do need to use a large stamp to start with!

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  1. Amazing card. I LOVE the metal letters. How exciting to try that for the first time (though nerve wracking I imagine.) Gorgeous results though! :o)


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