Friday, 31 October 2008

Get Well Soon - again!

I made this card in a rush (hope it doesn't show!) for my Father-in-Law who wanted a card for a friend. I happily sat and made a gorgeous girly get well soon card...then he informed me it was for a bloke and the card I'd already made was totally inappropriate.

Man cards are notoriously difficult to design at the best of times, but I was in a super rush, so I just went right back to basics, grabbed some co-ordinating paper and my white souffle pen and whipped this one up in about half an hour. Then I decided I hated it, because originally I'd used the yellow as a background to all of the squares, so I pulled most of it apart again and replaced the yellow with the green. A vast improvement! And I sent it off with no guilty feelings - I'm my own harshest critic.


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