Thursday, 5 February 2009

Flowery Flourish - enjoy!

Well I'm snowed in today! I'm supposed to be in Nottingham for a two day meeting, but I only got 2 miles down the road and I had to turn back! So, I'm at a loose end, so I thought I'd catch up on a few blog posts....oh, and some great news - my new flip camcorder has arrived today so bring on some videos ;-)

I wanted to create a simple but elegant card for my wonderful & beautiful mom for her birthday. And I love the combination of the pink and kraft coloured cardstock, so I was well away! I used a stack of colorbox inks so it all toned in together.

In fact, I love this card so much that I made another for my best friend, Nia, who also loved it. We had a fun evening playing on her new Wii and generally being silly...

Edited to add: Here's the video tutorial to go with this post...


  1. Just love this card Wendy. Going to be following your blog as I think your designs are inspirational!


I love receiving your feedback on my projects, it always makes me smile - thanks! =)