Sunday, 24 May 2009

Sending a hug your way...

This card was made for a friend who has just lost his mom. I always feel sympathy cards should be simple and not too invasive - you are after all, expressing your sympathy over someones loss, not 'showcasing' your work on their mantelpiece!

So for this card I kept it super simple and just said what needed saying. I've handwritten the sentiment, having no 'sympathy' stamps to work with, but it's the same 
sort of effect.

I've done a quick video tutorial for those of you who're interested in watching me struggle with the ribbon - it's in real time as this was such a quick card.

Don't forget to click on the HQ button in the corner of the video for a better quality picture. 

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  1. Wendy this is so cute! I absolutely love your tutorials. =)


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