Friday, 23 October 2009

Quick Triangle Box tutorial

<Digimax S600 / Kenox S600 / Digimax Cyber 630>
These boxes are so popular at the moment, and I can totally see why – they are so ridiculously simple and easy to make! You don’t even need a template to cut around, just a rectangle of your favourite patterned cardstock and a few score lines as shown below:Box template (any size)
Dead easy! I've used papers from MyGrafico - (Tyka Patterns & Chocolate Mint Papers) they also have a great selection of Halloween and Christmas papers, making this project a great way to wrap a simple gift like sweeties or even something more personal, like jewellery. Digi papers are great because you can print them out on exactly the right weight cardstock/paper for the project you're doing. This was perfect for this box as the rigidity is necessary to protect the gift. Most patterned paper just wouldn’t cut the mustard for this ;0)

You could also be more adventurous and cut out a window and cover with acetate on the inside before assembling. This would give a great ‘peep-hole’ if you were filling with sweets. You could also print on both sides of the cardstock if you were doing this, so that the colour would show through the window.
The tutorial video is below. If you enjoyed this tutorial, I’d love if you could leave a comment or a link to a project that this has inspired you to make – it would be great to see what you’ve made! Please hop over to my YT channel to rate & subscribe. Thanks for watching! ;0)


  1. That was fantastic.............. yehhhhh I have learnt something new tonight lol in fact 2 things, I would never have thought of using my guillotine to score with, those boxes would look lovely on a christmas tree or at a dinner table for each guest.
    very clever well done.

  2. I happened upon your tutorial after spending many, many frustrated hours trying to recreate a triangle origami fox box.

    Did. Not. Work.

    So in my crazy Googling effort to find clearer instructions I found this and I am in love. Your title is a testament to truth in advertising.

    It is quick, it's a triangle and a box and there's even a step by step video tutorial. Well done and thank you!

  3. Hi! I featured you beautiful tutorial on my blog!

  4. @FlowerLand
    Wow, thank you for doing that. It's very kind of you =)

  5. Going to have a go at these to make an advent calender for my Grandaughter for 2014. xxxx


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