Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Hey Dude!

I know, I know – this is slightly different to the video – but after I finished shooting, I decided I wanted to see what it would look like with the brown lettering on the sentiment, rather than the lily white letters they began as…so I used my copic markers and coloured them in dark brown and stuck them back on the card (similar to what I did in this video here). I rather prefer it this way, but it was too late to go back and reshoot the video.

I figured you’d all get the idea though so I didn’t need to reshoot =)

The ‘happy birthday’ stamped flags were inspired by Kristina Werner, who’s work I adore (similar to her card in this post)! I’ve been told I have a Kristina Wernerish style, so it’s no surprise that I just LOVE her work and that I’m constantly inspired by her creations!

Watch below | Watch at YouTube


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