Sunday, 26 April 2009

Thanks!! In bloom...

This card was inspired by the cards me and my Mom made together last weekend. I used the flower dies to create a flower border surrounding the card.
I did this card in a really girly pink - not my usual colour choice, but I can't use kraft coloured cardstock for everything (much as I love it!).

The video is double speed, because this card wasn't the quickest card in the world. Sometimes it's nice to do labour intensive cards, because they are so worthwhile at the end, but I wouldn't recommend this for creating large batches of cards - it's definitely a one-off card, for a special occasion. Enjoy the video, and as always, click on the HQ button on the video to watch this in its highest quality.

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  1. Wendy I absolutely love your videos and tutorials! Thanks for doing them! This is so cute by the way, sometimes we do have someone extra special we want to spend a little extra time on their card. =0) Great card and love how you used a cereal box! SO creative!


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