Sunday, 9 August 2009

Head above the rest!

Silly me, I posted my video up on YouTube on Thursday, but I forgot to post it here on my blog - d'oh! I've had a busy weekend in the garden so nothing new since then either...but I thought I'd share this card with you in more detail.

I went fully digital for this card, and that includes the background - this is printed straight from Photoshop. I've always wondered how to do a repetitive background, without having to draw each and every bit of it, and I came across this video which showed me how to use the grid/tile function in CS4 - brilliant! So it was dead easy, and very quick too, once you know how!

Then I printed out the giraffe from using these digital stamps onto specially prepared paper. This is a great technique I learnt from Mel (one of many of her brilliant ideas) and it makes embossing digital images a whizz.

First, paint your card (patterned/coloured/plain) with a thin coat of acrylic gel medium (in matte) and leave to dry, or force-dry with a heat gun. Print onto this as normal, but be ready to hit it with your clear embossing powder AS SOON AS it comes out of the printer. Then just emboss like a normal rubber/acrylic stamp. This means that the ink is 'set' and will not smudge/smear as you colour the image in. The gel medium also dries completely clear, so you can totally go to town with this technique using patterned paper and embossing resist techniques.

I used my spangly new copic markers and I love the way they colour on this card coated in gel medium (it's different to colouring on normal cardstock, but it's very effective - I'd say it's even easier and quicker this way!).

So, hope you like the card, the video is below. As usual, don't forget to click on the HQ button in the right hand corner after pressing play. Please head over to YT to rate & subscribe - thanks for watching ;0)

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  1. You rock the digis! Watching you work is sheet delight. It's such a thrill to have a digi embossing buddy. I'm so tickled you liked trying it. It looks stunning with your Copic colouring & that cloud shape is AWEsome! (and thank you so much for the super thoughtful link love.) Can't wait for another amazing video.


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