Thursday, 28 October 2010

Happy Birthday

Just wanted to show you a card I made for my friend’s birthday. I didn’t record it at the time, so I made another for y’all and videoed that one. It’s below. Enjoy!

Watch below | Watch at YouTube


  1. This is such a great card, Wendy! I love that wide ribbon and the distress-inked text butterflies!

    Thanks so much for the video!

  2. Hii Wendy , i am new on your blog , but really loved! you have great ideas! i have a blog also and maybe you can join! i am from brazil, but i live in germany now... and i have a question...
    Where you buy all your supplies? here in germany is impossible to find and i buy everything from USA but is very expensive.. but i went to london and searched for scrapbook stores and the only one that i found was Paperchase ( i think is right..)
    do you have any suggestions?

  3. @Danielle Wie gehts? ;-) No idea where to buy craft stuff in DE, but here in the UK I buy from The Range, Hobbycraft, Dunelm Mill, and The PaperMill. I don't like Paperchase, as it just doesn't stock the right stuff... I usually find the stores I buy from are in retail parks on the outskirts of cities, rather than the city centre itself. Hope this kinda helps =)

  4. yes wendy .. now i have an excuse to go to london again... i will search the addresses and see if i can make it!
    thanks very much!

  5. btw wendy I was looking online this great ideas of swapping materials and the person who receives makes a card! what you think ? we could do... let me know

  6. @Danielle That sounds like a great idea! It might have to be after Christmas now though, because I'm really struggling to keep up with my blogging, videos, and finding time to make all my Christmas cards, lol! Just let me know what you want to do though and we can go from there ;-)

  7. perfect for me! i am a Lil behind with my cards also!!
    we should choose some theme and swap!!! i send you material and you need to use just my material!and you to me.. (that will be fun hahahaha)
    get my email
    and my facebook what i think is easier :!/DannyCoelho
    kisses and i cant wait!


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