Thursday, 21 July 2011

Miss you

I thought it was time to do another Silhouette Studio video tutorial!

Silhouette Studio logo (for blog posts)

[I’ve made this card using the above software. Please feel free to click on the image to take you straight to the download page of their website. If you have a Silhouette or a CraftRobo machine, you should be able to download and use this software as they are both the same machines, that (for some strange reason) are sold under different names in different countries.]

I broke out a new paper stack called Pretty Please Spring Papers by My Mind’s Eye and got my old trusty Penny Black Salutations stamp set out for all the stamping. Still love this set, even though I’ve probably had it years.

I love the colours in this card. This paper stack is definitely one I’ll be using again! I could’ve chosen so many other beautiful papers from this stack – spoilt for choice. I think MME are my favourite paper company in terms of their gorgeous designs. Lush!

There’s two video’s below; one is the designing of the card in Silhouette Studio, the second puts the card together at my craft desk. Enjoy!


  1. Beautiful card - I would love to be able to have the facility to do this but alas not yet. Sheila:)X

  2. I agree with Shelia, though I'm looking forward to doing a cuttle bug, so that means you're going to have to do some more cards with the Cuttlebug. ;)

    What magazines do you subscribe to, especially the one you got the free papers from?

  3. Love it, Wendy :)

    I am amazed by ur eye for colors. I woudn`t have dared putting those colors and papers on a card, but when u do it it seems so obvious! Ur an eternal inspiration! :)

    Love form Norway

  4. @Emma
    I only subscribe to one magazine "Cardmaking & Papercraft" (UK), but I can't remember if the papers came free with this one or not as I used to buy other mags. And I don't think you get the free gifts if you subscribe internationally due to postage costs...but I could be wrong!

  5. @Sheila
    Maybe one day, Sheila, you should treat yourself! =)

  6. @Rita Kirkenes
    I started off with the blue card base and went from there. I just chose colours that matched the mid-tone blue and kept the rest of the colour palette to a minimum. Then it all just came together! Glad you like it Rita =)

  7. No kidding, I just got that magazine from one of our local craft and fabric stores! I really like it, though I don't think I will subscribe to it because it's UK.

    Though, I'm thinking of subscribing to Papercrafts magazine.

    Anyway, thanks again! =)

  8. That is a really neat card, Wendy!!

  9. hiya wendy , great card and silhouette tutorial tooo x can i ask what weight card you use fro your silhouette , i sometimes find that my silhouette does not cut through all the way ? any idea's ? also is there a minumum weight paper you can use in silhouette as i find some papers tear or get caught in the machine ??? tfs

  10. @emilysnan
    I do not know what weight card I use as I use so many different brands and they all vary in thickness. I tend to cut a test piece first. If it doesn't cut through, I select my design and do CTRL+C then CTRL+F (which copies and pastes the design on top of itself) then test again. I keep doing this (sometimes up to 3 copies!) until the Silhouette makes a clean cut.

    As for the minimum weight, I have not used my machine to cut thin paper, so I have no experience of that. The only advice I can give, is make sure the temporary adhesive holding your paper down is good and your blade is super sharp.

    Hope this helps! =)

  11. Very nice card :)
    And thank YOU for a very thoroughly tutorial ;)
    I've learned many thing about Silhouette sd, watching your video :)


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