Saturday, 16 July 2011

Happy Birthday Lil One

Super busy of late…job hunting (boring!) and spending some time with my Mom (wonderful!). So I thought I’d get some crafting done before I forgot how!

This card is a commission, so the bottom half of the sentiment is handwritten, as obviously, there’s no “lil one” stamp that I know of!

I quite like adding a bit of handwriting on cards. It makes them completely unique, and adds that extra very personal touch that you don’t get in mainstream cards.

I don’t have a video for this. But I do show you how I created a flower very similar to this in this blog post, so I’ve linked the video below (view from 3:15 for the flower creation part).

For those of you wondering, I do have a new video in process (a Silhouette Studio tutorial one), so check back here soon!


  1. Wonderful card with great colors. I really like the handmake flower !

  2. Great card I love the flower!

  3. Super cute! The best part was that I had that card stack, as I ususally have to just work with the colors I have.

    I made this for my Mom and instead of Happy Birthday Lil One, it said Thanks Mom with foam letters for Mom. Anyway, thanks for the adorable card and I can't wait to see more!

    Your Fan,

  4. I just found your blog today through a link on Joy's blog. I have enjoyed looking through all of your posts! I love your style and color choices! As soon as I can quit soaking up your videos, I am inspired to go create some cards. Thank you!

  5. I love the clear cards, because as far as I know they are the only cards that are strong enough with embellishments on top. And I hope those cards give me so much inspiration that I will be able to make such beautiful cards as Carla does.

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I love receiving your feedback on my projects, it always makes me smile - thanks! =)