Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Stencil “DAD” card with Silhouette Studio tutorial

I {heart} my Silhouette machine. Look at those gorgeous crisp cuts on this card. Awe-some-ness!

Silhouette Studio logo (for blog posts)

I’ve made this card using the above software. Please feel free to click on the image to take you straight to the download page of their website. If you have a Silhouette or a CraftRobo machine, you should be able to download and use this software as they are both the same machines, that (for some strange reason) are sold under different names in different countries.

I know I shouldn’t blow my own trumpet, but I really love this card. Its a CAS design that has used some rather feminine papers actually, but it worked out as a great Father’s Day card nonetheless.

Just in case you were wondering, I really don’t like using “male hobbies” as focal points for masculine card designs. Well, at least whenever I try to make a card with a cricketer or fisherman, for example, they end up getting filed under “bin”. It just doesn’t work for me and my particular style. Do you have any tips for designing masculine cards?

Enjoy the video below, which shows you the Silhouette Studio design aspect, as well as putting the card together. Please don’t forget to rate and subscribe to my YT Channel. Also, if you ‘follow’ my Facebook and Twitter pages, then you’ll always know when my next video/blog post is up.

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  1. I {heart} my Craft Robo - or Robocop as he has become known - too but I dont always get crisp cuts, especially on thicker papers & card (and my carrier sheets keep drying out too!). Actually I'll quit whining and ask if u've replaced the blade in your machine? I've had mine 9 months now and I'm wondering if that is part of the problem?

  2. @jodpea My Craft Robo is affectionately known as 'The Hobo', lol!

    I didn't get great cuts with the blade that came with my machine after a while either. I think I blunted it really quickly (like within a few cards!) and then was shocked at the cost of the replacement blade directly from Graphtec.

    So...I invested a little and bought this GR Click holder ( with both the 60 degree blade (for thick c.s.) and the 60 plus degree blade (for chipboard and mega thick c.s.). NOW my little Hobo cuts like a demon =)

    As for the carrier sheets...well I make my own with a sheet of laminated c.s. sprayed with temporary adhesive. They don't last long (as the laminated sheets aren't that sturdy) but they're so quick, easy and cheap to make it's still totally worth it. But you can always 'rehydrate' your carrier sheets with the temporary adhesive spray if you want to stick with those.

    Hope this helps you {heart} Robocop even more! =)

  3. Where do you buy all your equipment, especially the fly a kite set?

  4. WOW, this is such a great idea !!

  5. I stumbled upon your tutorials as my newly acquired Craftrobo and needed some pointers on where to start, and I want to say a massive "THANK YOU!" for posting this one - its just what I need! I think my male hobby card attempts tend to turn out a bit naff, so they always end up in the bin and I end up going out a buying a card.

    Thank you x

  6. Hay, I'm Agnes and I'm from Poland :) I love your cards, they are grate, so cool and so beautiful :) I would like to ask you for help (sorry for my English). I want to do some special card for 18th Birthday my the best (girl)friend, and I want to ask you for help. Could you do something for this occasion what I'll be able to use? Please, help me! She likes pink and stars. Something not so cute, but I need this really quikly. so that it's.
    Best wishes :)

  7. @Georgia I just search on Google for the cheapest stockist of whatever I want and buy from there. I usually save until I have a large (ish) order so postage is worthwhile.

  8. @Anonymous Have a browse around my blog to see if anything I've already done gives you inspiration! I'm sure she would love anything you come up with - simply because it's handmade and from her best friend =)

  9. Hi Wendy, I always watch your video's on YouTube and this time I immediately cased your card. I love my Silhouette SD and I learned a lot while making this card. I made a Ducth version.

  10. Yes, of course I have a lot of inspiration from your done cards, but I've just thought that you can do something new for my inspiration, but it's OK :) Once card is so pretty so I think I use it:) Thank you so match for your answer :) Bye.

  11. Hello Wendy! Lovely card you got there! Coincidentally, I made a similar card for an AC challenge!
    Unfortunately I don't own any cutting machines so I had to use a craft knife to cut out my wording! It was painful but worth it I guess :) Next time I'll probably try your 'look through the window' method to make sure the strips of paper are where I want them! Because I haphazardly stuck them down and then realised it'd be too late to change anything later :)

  12. Btw, I'm sure someone has told you before that in the US that is another card crafter that has striking resemblance to your style! Her name is Kristina Werner! :) Here's her blog:

  13. @Vinnie Nice card you've made Vinnie! I like the addition of the ribbon.

    Yes, Kristina's style is very similar to mine. As soon as I saw her blog a couple of years ago it was like a switch flicked in my head, and I stopped trying to design complicated cards that really weren't working for me and went for the CAS designs instead. Suits my style MUCH better, and she's still a huge inspiration to me and my designs. Just love her work!

  14. @Whimsical Wendy Thats great info, thanks. I've placed an order, can't wait for it to arrive! I'm amazed that u can get different depth blades, seeing as I've had trouble just with thick card I thought that was his limit! Couple of times I've wondered if I'd made the wrong choice when I see that the other die cutters can cut chipboard and the like so thanks for pointing me in this direction!

    I do replenish my cutting sheets with spray adhesive but I found it got a bit gunky, I'm wondering if my dried out ones will go thru the laminator, now... hmm!

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