Monday, 27 June 2011

Thank You

This card has been inspired by a couple of cards by the wonderfully talented Kristina Werner. She did both a Finally Friday card and a Make A Card Monday (MACM) card recently, using the one-layer technique. I saw these cards and I just had to have a go at one myself…

Both Kristina and I have a borderline obsession with Kraft cardstock ;) And the Chestnut Roan ColorBox Chalk Ink really does go so well with it. Also, it didn’t seem to smudge at all when using copic markers over it, which quite surprised me in a very good way!

Enjoy the video below, which shows you how I put the card together, including a few tips I hope you find useful.

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  1. You really captured Kristina's touch very well!! Love her creations and this card is an amazing likeness:)

  2. Loooove it :) I`m totally inspired by u both! Thanks for showing us, Wendy! <3

  3. I found a link to your blog on Kristina Werner's FB page (it has since been removed).I think it's nice that you are inspired by Kristina Werner - but you have taken it too far. Your mannerisms are a copy of KW as well as her intro music, verbal introduction and good bye. It's kind of creepy to be honest.

  4. @Anonymous Oh well you certainly can't please everyone! And the whole point of this particular card is that it's my 'take' on her last two cards, which I state very clearly in my post and on the video.

  5. Totally cute! Almost every time I watch a new video of yours, I have to go out and buy some of the supplies you's worth it though! ;) This time I bought the clear gel stuff (finally) and the dot stamp. (Though of course I had to get about ten other things while I was there! :D )

    Anyway, thanks so much for your cards, I really appreciate them. Plus, some of the videos I just like watching because there so fun and funny.

    I must say though, I may be the only teenage girl who does card making as extravagant as I like to do, but hey...I'm okay with that. ;)

    Have a wonderful day and thanks again!

  6. @EmmaLol! The Glossy Accents will last you AGES...I'm still only 1/4 of the way down mine and I use it a lot.

    I'm amazed you found the dot stamp; I thought it would be retired by now. I've had mine years, but I like to use all of my stock to save buying new all the time cos it's too expensive!

    Glad you like my vids. You'll be glad to know I've another in the pipeline...

  7. Awesome, can't wait to see the new video!

    Ya, I found my stamp at Michaels..I was excited. ;) Also, that's fantastic about the Glossy Accents.

    I was going to ask you: What other cool tools do you like to use a lot? I saw the roller...I don't have one of those and was wondering, what all do you use it for?

  8. @Emma The tools I use most are my WRMK Corner Chomper, my Cuttlebug and my Craft Robo (the last two are the ├╝ber expensive ones!).

    A brayer can be used to ensure good stamp coverage like I did for this card, or you can use it for applying ink, getting cool effects with Distress Inks and water and loads of other things I can't think of right now! I mainly use mine for good stamp coverage though =)

  9. @EmmaBTW, I also use my heat tool a lot, for embossing - I advise buying the heat tool, Versamark ink, and bot white & clear embossing powders. These are the ones I use most and you can get so many cool effects with them for very little outlay ;)

  10. Uhooi,,
    Wow,, This card is beautiful, nice and creative,,

  11. Yes, I got the Corner Chopper and it is now one of my favorite tools, and today I bought a brayer, plus, I have the embossing stuff too! It's so awesome.

    The Cuttlebug is totally on my Christmas list! I must ask though, what version do you use and do you mostly use Cuttlebug dies or other dies? What are some of your favorites? I've been looking up videos on it all day, but I wanted info. from my favorite craft blogger! ;) (I saw the card you made with the felt roses..definitely something I'll need to get!)

  12. @Emma I use anything I like the look of. I have no particular favourite brand! I usually use the Cuttlebug embossing folders though, cos they're the most readily available to me. As for dies, I totally love 'MFT stamps' dies, and like some of the Tim Holtz stuff, plus a selection of the Cuttlebug dies and Sizzix dies. Pretty much all makes work in the Cuttlebug, so the world's your oyster =)

  13. Awesome, I will totally have to check those out. And what version of Cuttlebug did you say you had?

    Also, the only thing I'm confused about with the Cuttlebug is the plates. What I'm getting is that you basically whatever dies you use you always have to use the A plate and can apply the other plates for the amount of extra thickness you need? Or, do you have to have a certain combination for each die?

  14. @EmmaI have the original Cuttlebug, but the new one looks good too!

    You use a certain combo of plates for each die, but nearly always with the A plate (only a few Sizzix dies are thick enough not to require this plate). You can play around yourself, or find out the right 'sandwich' thickness by doing a quick google search.


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