Sunday, 23 October 2011

Hope you have a GREAT birthday!

Something VERY different for me today to share with you! And a video too, yay!! “Finally!” I hear you all shout…I know, it’s been quite a while. I’m very sorry. As it has recently been described to me – life has been “biting me on the bum” of late, so making card tutorials definitely slipped down my priority list :(

But I really missed doing them, and so I filmed this one for you all. I figured after all this time, this card had to be something a little special, and I hope you agree – it’s definitely different to my usual cards!

I decided to go for a completely different shaped card. I don’t know where I dreamt this particular shape up, but there you go…

I wanted to use these beautiful flocked papers called Paris Nights by GCD Studios. But this card was for a male – so it couldn’t be too feminine! Hence the change in the shape of the card to make it a bit more appropriate for its male recipient. I hope you think it works? I really love this card, even if I do say so myself. It actually pained me to send it, lol! =)

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PS. Thanks for all your patience and lovely supportive emails since my last video. You’re all gems =)


  1. @Sylvia
    So glad you like it, Sylvia, I'm just sorry it's taken me so long to get back into video blogging!!

  2. What a great idea for something different! I love it and plan to copy your design. TFS!

  3. Hi Wendy, liking the shape you have gone for, very unusual. Black and white always a winner in my book. Love it. :0)


  4. Hi Wendy, Great card! Love the shape. Do you mind sharing the dimensions?

  5. Hi Wendy, Great card! Love the shape. Do you mind sharing the dimensions?


  6. @Yolunda
    Hey Yolunda, I'm sorry, I don't know the dimensions off hand! I've already sent the card, too otherwise I'd measure it up for you...but I know I did the vertical lines as a third of the width of the card (so about 35mm), and the each of the horizontal lines were slightly less than this measurement to give the 'staircase' effect. Probably about 30mm for each step?!? Hope this helps some? =)

  7. HI Wendy!

    I was so excited to see a video and look forward to seeing more. It is a gorgeous card, and very unique. I went right to my craft table and made my version. Thanks so very much for everything.


    P. S. Do you know when you'll be crafting Christmas cards? ;)

  8. @Emma
    Hi Emma - Glad you like the card. I'll be doing some Christmas cards this month so watch this space! =)


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