Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Thinking of you…


My friend’s dad recently passed away. Such sad news, even though it was expected, it’s still just awful for him. Sympathy cards are always toughies. My rule; make them simple and not with too much…well not too much anything really.

I totally feel a sympathy card should always be more about the words said on the inside, rather than too much fanciness on the outside. These cards are going to be treasured for the thoughts you write inside rather than how pretty the outside is!

That doesn’t mean they can’t portray your personality, I just think it’s an occasion when it needs toning down a smidge…

Hope you like it!


  1. I love your cards! this one is very appropriate, it will bring your friend a little bit of comfort at this sad time

  2. Yes, I totally agree. Very pretty card! Thanks so much for your post.


    P. S. More videos soon?

  3. Beautiful card, Wendy. Appropriately simple.



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