Sunday, 30 October 2011

Kindness comes in many forms…but always from the heart

I wanted to make a card using masking techniques with this Blossom Art stamp set by Hero Arts.

This is a really simple technique that gives some beautiful effects. It can really stretch your stamp sets to make them even more versatile, by effectively creating larger ‘background’ stamps out of several smaller ones.

The sentiment stamp is called Heard from the Heart by Stampin’ Up! and I just love all the sentiments in this set.  I use a technique of white embossing on vellum cardstock to give the sentiment added interest without covering up all of the stamping underneath. Kristina Werner uses this technique a lot and it inspired me to try it myself.

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  1. Lovely card Wendy,this is a great idea to have a few cards made ready to just add the velum wrap for different occasions. Thank you I love your tutorials!

    PS love your nails

  2. Love to watch your videos and I love the cards you make. When I lose my mojo I have a look on here or watch a video and it always get my brain ticking over again with thanks. I do love this card, simple but very elegant. :0)


  3. Thanks so much for posting another video, they are so fun to watch! That is a fantastic masking teqnique and I love the set. Thanks so much for the creative idea!

    How does the Stamp n' press actually work and how is it better? I've debated getting one of those. Plus, I'm getting VersaMark for Christmas...I'm excited. You said it's the best embossing pad?

    Again, thanks so very much, can't wait to see more!


  4. @Emma
    The stamp press works in the same way as an acrylic block, but the foam feet do all the work for you. You can attach your stamp to the press and ink it up (like you do with a normal block), but then you can place it over your work, lining it up exactly where you want it BEFORE pressing the stamp down and creating the impression. Then when you're done stamping, simply release the press and it will spring up out of the way from the paper on its foam feet, ensuring a crisp image each time.

    I love my stamping press, but you can do without one - I did for years. So it's all down to you whether you decide to invest and treat yourself!

    Yes, Versamark is the best embossing pad I've ever come across. You can't go wrong with this brand.


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