Friday, 6 June 2008

Boing boing the Baggies...

(inside reads)..."Don't worry Eric, they'll go down again next season!! Happy 54th Birthday"

This card was commissoned for a life long Baggies fan (West Bromwich Albion). Now I know nothing about football, in fact I actively avoid it (unless I've got insomnia). I'm a rugby girl through and through and nothing's going to change that!

So, knowing nothing about football, and enjoying taking the mick out of football supporters as I do :o) this card was born! The guy I made it for has an excellent sense of humour, and will understand that it is all meant in good faith and he should not take it personally that his football team is naff, lol!! Oh well, someone's got to support them!

How it was made - I designed it on the computer and made up some football paper by drawing a football in the Baggies colours and C&Ping the football all over the paper...then lightening it so it was not so in your face. I then cut out around the words using a craft knife (and a lot of patience) then mounted the paper as an insert inside the card.

Hope he likes it! I do!


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