Thursday, 12 March 2009

Have a FUN birthday!!

I had no idea about the final design for this card when I started making it, I just felt like winging it...many of my designs I've thought about as I fall asleep at night (typical, cos then you have to fight to remember it, or get up and jot it down!) but this one I just had a go at on the spot creativity,
As I explain in the video, I used these stick on letters, and tried to colour them in with my ink pad, but unfortunately, the stickers were quite shiny, and the ink just didn't dry for ages, despite force-drying them with my heat gun (I couldn't do this for too long cos it would potentially damage its sticking ability). But they dried overnight so it was fine.

So, below is the video, I hope you enjoy it. If you do, please rate it over at YouTube - it's always nice to get some feedback on my work, especially as these videos take quite a while to film and edit, so I want to know if people are getting something useful from them, or suggestions about what you would like to see on future videos! Thanks for watching and reading my blog xx


  1. Love the simple design - really effective. Especially like the stamped background.

  2. Great job on the card and the video. Your cards are beautiful. Hope to see much more by following.


I love receiving your feedback on my projects, it always makes me smile - thanks! =)