Friday, 27 March 2009

Mother's day cards

I made two of these cards because now I have two mother's; a mom (my mom) and a mum (my husbands' mum). I wanted to use butterflies in the design because they are bang on trend at the moment, but I didn't have a butterfly I made one! 

I also spotted this post for a competition for some blog candy (72 FREE copic markers) so I'm going to use this post as my entry ;-) as I stamped and watercoloured the image (in the absence of copic marker pens!).
I made the butterfly stamp using ImagePac, which is a wonderful way we crafters can make our own stamps at home, simply using this weird gel sachets and a 60W bulb! You pretty much simply choose a design (or draw yourself), print out on transparency, then clamp it between some magnetic plates (supplied with kit) stick it under a desk lamp for a time...then viola! a new stamp has been born! And they really are as good as your standard acrylic stamp, except they're slightly off white (but who cares?).
These Mother's day cards we the simplest cards I could think of in the half hour I had to make them (on the morning before work on the day I posted them). I almost resorted to a shop-bought card (shock!! horror!!) cos I was so strapped for time. But you can't get shop bought for the most important ladies in your life, can you? So they weren't quite as 'finished' as I'd have liked, but then I'm always super-critical about my designs, however thought-out they are (or not). No video, cos my batteries had ran out on my web cam, and I was mega rushed!


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