Friday, 27 March 2009

The World's Greatest Dad

And once again, the time came to create a masculine card for my dad. Now my dad is also THE MOST difficult person to buy presents for. So he's super awkward at birthday's and Christmas. Typical man ;-) And it got to the night before his birthday (eek!) and I still hadn't thought of a design for his card or a present. 
Then I just sat down, and made this. No plan. No idea. Just a hope that something usable would stem from it, without forcing my creative flow...
....and I really liked it! Must wing it more often, lol!!!

The DAD cutouts are simply hand-drawn on the black core-dinations card, then mounted on the reverse side of the core-dinations cardstock for definition. The background is the same cardstock, that has been 'bugged and sanded to reveal the coloured inner core of the card.

I did try to record a video tutorial of this for you guys, but my camera batteries died out 5 minutes into the process and I had no spare batteries with enough charge - I'm sorry! But I have a few designs I've been pondering over in the last week, so I plan on making them and doing them as video tutorials and posting them over the weekend. 


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