Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Simple masculine card

Well, we all know how hard masculine cards are to make, so I took a bit of time to think about what would look good as a card for a man, but still be pleasing enough on the eye for me to enjoy making ;-)

I decided that a simple, classic design is what I needed - a no frills man-card!! I've always found it really frustrating that us cardmakers have to resort to sport/hobby images to make a card for the men in our life. Whereas for women, we just do something 'pretty' but with a sentiment to show what it's all about. So I thought I'd apply the same logic and just go for something 'handsome'...

Easier said than done though, because most of my craft stash is tailored toward the feminine market, but this is what I landed on (after about 5 trial cards centred around a similar theme). Here's the video tutorial for you to have a look to see how it was made - ENJOY!


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