Thursday, 15 May 2008

Favour box layout

This is the favour box template I am using for my wedding this August. You can print it out directly onto A4 paper. You should cut along all of the lines, then score between all of the dots. I will add a picture of the finished box later. I designed this box so that there is NO GLUE REQUIRED because making loads of favour boxes just gets silly if you have to glue them all aswell. Also, the box requires no lid; the flaps on top just slot together two times (smaller flaps first) and you have a very strong box to store your goodies in. Obviously, you will need to do something more decorative with the outside flaps, but I've left this as the basic design so it is not in any way restricted.

Feel free to use this design in your own work! I'd be flattered! Just post a link back to this entry please ;-)

3rd April 2009 - Janette, as requested, I've taken some pictures of the box made up. I've made the flaps a little bit more interesting by altering the final template, but the basic template is as above.


  1. do you have one that has been made up to show what it looks like

  2. so pretty,
    do you mind if i copy it to use as a party favor?


  3. Hi Lucy - by all means copy this to use as a party favour. I'd be flattered! :0)


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